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Hundreds of Trump supporters carrying placards and wearing MAGA clothing gather outside Trump Tower in New York City for a ‘Happy No Collusion Day’ rally to celebrate the end of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe

Banners were held aloft emblazoned with a host of different messages, like, ‘Happy No Collusion Day’ while others showed their support for the president to serve a second term and waved flags saying, ‘Trump 2020.’

The rally comes the day after Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his long-awaited report to Attorney General Bill Barr.
A senior Justice Department official said Friday that Mueller has not recommended any new criminal indictments and there will be no more indictments filed with federal courts.

Twitter Suspends Account Showing Rachel Maddow Crying

Twitter censorship is still alive and well against conservatives on the social media giant.

The Twitter account @kbq2251 was suspended for posting the video below. The video didn’t violate any of Twitter’s policies. So why was the account suspended?

Ford government cancels electricity conservation programs

Ontario’s government has cancelled a number of electricity conservation programs, including one which offered pool owners a $400 rebate for upgrading to energy-efficient pumps.

Carolyn Bickerton, owner of Purewater Total Home Leisure in Ottawa, says the decision to cancel the Poolsaver program will be bad for business.

Swedish journalist suspended from Facebook for mentioning Tommy Robinson, and stating that we should accept others’ opinions even if we don’t agree with them

In her text, Katerina wrote: “Defending freedom of expression when you agree is a breeze, but if we are to have any freedom of speech worth mentioning, it must also be defended when it is challenged and not all agree.”

She then pointed out that it “may be your turn next”.

And Swedish Facebook took Katerina at her word and suspended her.

Brampton, Ont., mayor alarmed after convicted sex offender ‘dumped’ into his city

Brampton, Ont., residents are “livid” over a decision by the federal government to move a woman with three convictions for sexual assaults against young girls to their city, Mayor Patrick Brown said.

Peel Regional Police issued a community safety advisory on Friday about Madilyn Harks, formerly Matthew Harks, alerting residents that she now resides in the Brampton area.