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Effects of Christchurch attack being felt across Canada

The ripples from Christchurch continue to lap on Canada’s shores.

As a Chinese-Canadian political candidate in Alberta was brought to tears after one of her campaign signs was defaced with racist graffiti and an advocacy group in Vancouver was announcing it wants to map hatred across Canada, members of Toronto’s Jewish community were gathering at mosques in the city on Friday for a “ring of peace” in a show of solidarity.

Shep Smith Accuser Says Fox News Host Sexually Attacked Him

A man told his story to Big League Politics about an encounter with Fox News host Shep Smith in 2004 in New York City. The man describes how he woke up with Smith on top of him with his tongue down his throat, how he tried to push the Fox host off him, and how Smith lunged at him three or four more times while continuing to force the unwanted physical encounter.

‘Progressive’ = The New Nazi

Comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Jim Clyburn and Rep. Rashida Tlaib display contempt for Jews — in Rep. Clyburn’s case, for victims of the Holocaust. Heavily Democratic legislatures in New York, Illinois and Virginia perpetuate the wanton destruction of human life by passing laws allowing abortion to the moment of birth. In Virginia, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam said a woman can choose whether a baby who survived a botched abortion should live. False flags are cynically organized to delude the unsuspecting and promote an agenda. Behind those developments is the pervasive identity politics that defines some groups as inherently better than others.

In those four areas — anti-Semitism, genocide, false flags and identity politics — do “democratic socialists” and Nazis share more than the former want to admit.

Canada’s first marijuana-themed golf course to open in Ontario this spring

A golf course in Smiths Falls is going to be relaunching this spring as “Canada’s first cannabis-themed golf and entertainment destination” with live music and a drive-in movie theatre added down the line.

Rolling Greens is scheduled for a soft launch on April 20, otherwise known as 420, the universally-recognized cannabis holiday.

According to Global News, Gordon Weiske purchased the Lombard Glen Golf and Country Club a few months ago with the intention to make it “more than just a golf course”.

The ‘Burn It Down!’ Democrats

There are some Democrats out there in the sticks — a lot of them, in fact — who simply don’t understand the constitutional order. They believe that the United States is a democracy, John Adams et al. be damned, and, in fact, they often are confused by the frankly anti-democratic features of the American order, because they have been taught (theirs is a pseudo-education consisting of buzzwords rather than an actual education) that “democratic” means “good” and “undemocratic” means “bad.”

But the Democrats in Washington are a different story. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris went to law school. They understand the American constitutional order just fine.

And they hate it.