Utah declines to ban conversion therapy

From Samantha Allen at The Daily Beast:

On Wednesday, the bill was circled, which means that it was tabled indefinitely and therefore will not advance this legislative cycle.

In its original form, introduced by Hall in late February, the bill would have banned “any practice or treatment that seeks to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a patient or client.” More.

Reality check: As I have noted elsewhere, “gay activists have claimed that evidence from genetics justifies their demand for a ban on therapy to change unwanted homosexual attractions.6 But leaving aside the tenuousness of their scientific claims, one must ask, Why is the client—in only this one type of case—not entitled to seek therapy for his own purposes? Would the same activists also ban therapy to increase such attractions? What about the bisexual man who would genuinely prefer to just be gay? Or straight? The conveniently loose relationship activists have with science means that they won’t often be confronted with evidence that requires them to adopt a coherent position. More.

Progressives are only libertarian when it comes to killing people, so far as I can see.

See also: Why has a historic medical publication gone weird? The most likely reason is the need to cater to the raging Woke. Maybe science is roadkill when you need to stay in business while they are circling you.