Jody Wilson-Raybould: Was Trudeau “Woke” enough for her?

From Brian Giesbrecht at C2C Journal:

There’s little doubt Wilson-Raybould was pressured. But was she simultaneously pursuing her own political objectives, notably pushing the PM to go further on Indigenous issues than even he – the national champion for “Indigenization” – was willing to go? During her tenure in Justice, she made statements and took actions that furthered Indigenous political and legal goals, even going so far as to tilt the scales of justice in favour of Indigenous litigants. As one Crown lawyer who declines to be identified puts it, “This was clearly Minister Wilson-Raybould’s priority right from the start. She issued directives to all government lawyers involved in Indigenous cases that severely limit the Crown’s ability to provide a full defence. They constrained time limitations, and shifted the onus from the plaintiffs having to prove their claims, to the government lawyers to show why any Indigenous claim should be limited.” …

There is also evidence, including in the former minister’s own words, that she was very upset with Trudeau’s decision to shelve a major piece of his government’s “reconciliation” agenda. This decision roughly coincided with the start of her falling out with the government over SNC-Lavalin. No one is suggesting, yet, that she tried to get what she wanted in return for giving Trudeau what he wanted. But if their showdown leads to her rise and his fall, it will obviously advance her cause. More.

Reality check: She’s clearly brave and was right to do what she did about SNC- Lavalin. But shovelling public money at SNC-Lavalin wasn’t going to benefit her constituency particularly. Let’s just say she was in the right place at the right time for the rest of us just then and leave it at that.

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