Canada considering forcing social media companies to remove ̷e̷x̷t̷r̷e̷m̷i̷s̷t̷ ̷ anti-Liberal Party content

Canada is considering whether to force social media companies to remove hateful and extremist content online.

That comes after a spate of terrorist attacks in New Zealand, Quebec City, Pittsburgh and other places where right-wing extremists have used the internet to spread hate speech and incitements for others to commit similar violence targeting minorities who they wrongly assert are part of a broader effort to “replace” and subjugate white people.

Not once does this article mention Islam and its legions of devout extremists who have used the web to wage jihad. Gooddale even trots out the need to preserve “social cohesion,” a choice of words used often in Great Britain as the reason to never mention that Muslims were actually the members of Muslim rape gangs that have targeted thousands of young British girls.

The good news is that this virtue signaling hysteria will work against the Liberal-left. People see it for what it is. An attempt to silence dissent in general.