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Muslim scholars union urges ban on Islamophobia

The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) has called on non-Muslim countries to ban Islamophobia, following the killing of dozens of people on a deadly attack on two mosques in New Zealand.

“IUMS calls on non-Muslim countries to ban the spread of hatred against Islam and Muslims,” IUMS President Ahmed al-Raisouni said in a statement at the conclusion of a 2-day session held in Istanbul on Friday.

Old CNN website was source of unvetted ‘random’ info used by author of anti-Trump dossier, docs reveal

Former British spy Christopher Steele confessed that he used an unverified report submitted to a CNN website, where “random individuals” can post information, for his salacious anti-Trump dossier.

Steele made the awkward revelation during a deposition last year in a case involving Russian entrepreneur Aleksej Gubarev, who claims his companies Webzilla and XBT Holdings were defamed by Steele after the dossier was published by BuzzFeed.

At Trudeau’s behest, Gould instructed Google News to limit Canadian access to foreign press

In the days approaching former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould‘s testimony to the House of Commons’ Justice Committee on February 27, at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s behest, Karina Gould, the Minister of Democratic Institutions, reached out to social media giant Google to pressure the firm to curtail political criticism of the Trudeau government on its platform.

Gould placed a call to a senior government relations executive at Google, during which she complained about ‘hate speech’ and ‘toxic rhetoric’, referring multiple times to specific criticisms of the Trudeau government that she found objectionable. She then threatened sweeping regulations that would require unprecedented disclosures of advertising sponsors.

Meghan McCain to Trump: ‘No One Will Ever Love Loathe You the Way They Loved Loathed My Dad’

Donald Trump bristled at the news on Friday that the late GOP Senator John McCain and a close friend shared the infamous, unverified Steele dossier with several media outlets and the FBI.

Quoting former special counsel Ken Starr, Trump tweeted that McCain’s actions were a “very dark stain” on his reputation.

Catherine McKenna Faces Growing Backlash For Gross Politicization Of New Zealand Mosque Shooting

“I spoke to parents at Ottawa Main Mosque today whose kids are too scared to pray & go to school. In Canada. Meanwhile Andrew Scheer has to be called out before he can call out Islamophobia. We all need to stand together against racism, hatred & violence of all kinds. All of us.”