UK takes kids away if transgender claims are questioned

From Rod Dreher at American Conservative:

The Mail On Sunday reports that at least three children in Britain were put into foster care by the state last year because their parents wouldn’t agree to transgender treatment. The boy was struggling to cope with school because of his Asperger’s and autism. When he started to self-harm, his parents asked his doctor to refer him to children’s mental health services.

When the child met with a child psychotherapist, he said he believed he was female. According to the parents, that was the first the boy had ever said of such a thing. They assumed that it was another of his autistic obsessions (parents of kids on the spectrum are well aware of how these kids become obsessed with particular topics, and then drop them as suddenly as they acquired the obsession). Too late! The state therapy bureaucracy already had its claws sunk into the boy. …

Readers, I strongly urge you to follow 4th Wave Now on Twitter. It’s the Twitter feed of a politically non-partisan website for concerned parents of gender-dysphoric kids.  More.

Reality check: The simple reality is that the activists care 100% and most parents care .05% because they believe it’ll never happen in their family. That’s all the activists need.

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