Human Rights Commission director says she was regulating ‘hate speech’ – Gets Ass Kicked

Pro-tip for Marti Buscaglia: She may want to just stop talking to the press. She’s not making it better and now that there’s an official investigation into her conduct, it’s time for her to just clam up for a bit. In fact, taking a quick vacation to Hawaii would be advisable.

Buscaglia, the executive director of the Alaska Human Rights Commission told a reporter on Friday that she simply wasn’t sure:

Was the “Black Rifles Matter” truck decal free speech or hate speech?

Since she wasn’t sure, she took action to regulate it as hate speech in a parking lot on A Street that is leased by the State.

Marti Buscaglia is the sort of person who in the old Soviet Union was happy just doing their job – running Gulags. It’s a peculiar personality that is well suited to work at “Human Rights” commissions.