The real reason elitists oppose standardized testing

The college cheating scandal that took down prominent Hollywood figures shone a light on the war against standardized testing. Allegedly, it is hard on members of minority groups. But, from Daniel Friedman at Quillette:

You can tell an objective, meritocratic system is working when it pushes out people that the establishment would prefer to admit (people like Zoe Kazan), and it admits the people that the establishment would prefer to reject (Jews and Asians). It is phenomenal that CEOs and power brokers and celebrities are getting indicted for desperately trying to bribe someone to get their mediocre kids into good schools, because that means meritocratic systems are throwing barriers in front of the children of elites when they can’t compete on an objective test…

Without some semblance of competitive admissions based on objective criteria like standardized test scores, a college like Yale becomes an exclusive nightclub and the admissions committee is just a bouncer. People like Zoe Kazan — the children of senators and governors and CEOs and celebrities — get to walk right in. They’re on the VIP list. And the rest of us have to wait our turn for the bouncer to look us over and subjectively decide if we’re cool enough or hot enough. More.

Reality check: Elites make a lot of noise about how standardized testing harms disadvantaged students but the biggest disadvantage those students face is attending the union/admin-driven schools the elite support and rule over. Meanwhile, it would be nice if the indictments led to less posturing against standardized testing; unfortunately, they may lead to more.

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