Neuroscientist: How can they deny sex differences in men’s, women’s brains with a straight face?

From neuroscientist Debra Soh at Quillette, grappling with the way science journals are caving to the raging Woke who insist that mens’ and women’s brains are the same:

How anyone familiar with the neuroscientific literature can argue this with a straight face is puzzling. Even if we were to neglect the thousands of studies documenting the effects of prenatal testosterone on the developing brain, we can look no further than the largest neuroimaging study examining sex differences to date, published just last year in Cerebral Cortex. In a sample of 5,216 brains, the study found significant differences between the sexes. The amygdala, a region associated with appraising emotion, was larger in men, even when men’s larger overall brain size was taken into consideration. Another study, published last month in Nature’s very own Scientific Reports, found sex differences in grey matter volume among 2,838 participants. More.

Reality check: With this as with anything else the raging Woke seize on, they’ll try to end your career if you cross them, Dr. Soh.

Aren’t you glad you have Blazing Cat Fur writers around to explain it all for you! Now just be careful out there… Real science has left the building.

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