Malians shocked by intelligence director’s extravagant birthday bash – Why did @JustinTrudeau send our troops to this craphole?

In her tweets, @AshleyLelaMAIGA wrote: “And here you have it the Republic of Party Animals! #Mali, a country adrift and in the grips of a serious security crisis, where the priority of those in charge of national security is to throw indecently extravagant birthday parties.” The thread continues: “As civilians and soldiers lose their lives each day in the north and centre of #Mali and millions of children aren’t going to school because of the security crisis shaking the country, those in charge of national security are partying in #Bamako.”

While Mali’s Ruling Class Parties… Canadians pressed into service after deadly attack on UN base in Mali

OTTAWA — Canadian peacekeepers saw their busiest day in Mali on Sunday after extremists with links to al Qaeda attacked a United Nations base, killing 10 and injuring dozens more.

Five Canadian helicopters were scrambled from a different base after the attack, according to Canadian Forces spokesman Capt. Christopher Daniel, including two large Chinooks configured as flying hospitals and three smaller Griffon escorts.