Jody Wilson-Raybould: Meet the woman who stood up to Justin Trudeau and revealed he was ‘just another grubby politician’

On the drab street outside Jody Wilson-Raybould’s constituency office in Vancouver, an 80-year-old woman called Barbara reveals she is suffering from a dilemma.

She does not like Justin Trudeau or his Liberal Party, she says, but she is so impressed by the way member of parliament Wilson-Raybould – herself a Liberal – stood up to his alleged bullying, she is tempted to vote for her later this year.

“I think she did a very good job. I one hundred per cent believe her,” says the woman, asking that her full name not be used. “I’m a bit confused because I don’t want to vote Liberal. I don’t know whether to vote for her or not. She’s my MP. I’d like to vote for her.”