Evening Photos + Heart Cat

(1) North Carolina Outer Banks Lighthouse (Manteo, North Carolina) by Dave Allen Photography

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(2) Misty forest road (Markaryd, Sweden) by Göran Ebenhart (@eben.photos)

(3) Golden tamarack trees reflect in the river on a fall day (Minnesota) by Paul Pluskwik (@pluskwikphotography)

(4) Partly frozen Alexandra Falls (Northwest Territories, Canada) by Raymond Dam (@raymond_dam_)

(5) Morning meadow (Snowy Range, Wyoming) by John Frisch

(6) Jupiter visible over Mount Shuksan (Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington) by Alexis Birkill Photography

(7) Manitoba sunset by Manitoba Prairie Girl

(8) Smoky Mountain Creek in the fall (North Carolina) by The World Explored

(9) Mount Amery (Banff, Alberta) by Gary Kuiken

(10) Umba River at sunrise (Murmansk Region, Russia) by Roman Goryachiy

(11) Summer day (near Shelomki, Krasnodar Krai, Russia) by Vladimir Ryabkov

(12) Winter night (Boston, Massachusetts) by Victorio Nakata (@vic_nkt)

(Bonus) 🐾 What a fluffy ball 💛 (Japanese heart cat) by Ikura (@ikura_0711)

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