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Understanding the New Zealand Mosque Massacre

As a white person, I look down upon the criminals among us. I do not reflexively defend and glorify them. This was a terrible act: immoral, illegal, and politically damaging to white interests. I hope Tarrant receives a fair trial and just punishment, but that seems unlikely given the racially charged atmosphere in New Zealand today.

We obviously don’t know all the facts yet, but based on the manifesto attributed to Tarrant entitled “The Great Replacement,” Tarrant believes that whites are being replaced in our homelands by fast-breeding non-whites, including Muslims. This is absolutely correct.

Netherlands: Ex-Muslims Get Threatened ‘Every Single Day’

Three converts from Islam to Christianity who live in the Netherlands recently spoke about their experiences, and it’s clear that they’re not exactly finding diversity, in the form of mass Muslim migration into Europe, to be their strength.

An ex-Muslim from Kurdistan named Faraidoun Fouad recounted: “I converted in 1999. In 2002 God called me to reach out to my own people. Directly after my conversion to Christianity I received the first threats. People who I thought were my friends, became my enemies.”

Swedish parents keep their daughters home from school after migrants kick, beat and call them “whores”

The problems with migrants have escalated recently at the school ‘Österledskolan’ outside Halmstad in southern Sweden.

Swedish independent journalist Joakim Lamotte has been contacted by parents of children at the school and according to them it is a group of newly arrived migrants who harass their daughters.

The parents argue that the failed integration of the newcomers has led to groupings at the school.

U.N. Chief: We Must Work Better Against Islamophobia Following NZ Attack

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gueterres is appalled by Friday’s attack on two New Zealand mosques and sees an urgent need to work better globally to tackle Islamophobia, his spokesman said.

Leaders around the world have expressed disgust and sorrow at the killing of 49 people in New Zealand mosques on Friday, with some saying that the demonization of Muslims fueled the attacks.

Canadian police bolster presence in wake of New Zealand mosque attacks

Police forces across the country are conducting heightened patrols near mosques and security agencies are trying to reassure Canadians after a shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand left dozens dead and injured today.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called Friday “one of New Zealand’s darkest days.” At least 49 people were killed and 20 seriously injured in shootings at the Al-Noor and Linwood mosques, which were filled with worshippers for Friday prayers.

Protecting churches and synagogues would make more sense.