Who cares about ‘winning’ the immigration debate?

Douglas Todd: Who cares about ‘winning’ the immigration debate?

…Immigration officials are not alone in finding in the past couple of years that there has been a shift among Canadians about immigration. That is part of the reason Ottawa has launched a promotional campaign called #immigrationmatters.

Its public relations effort is getting out stories about immigration successes, especially at the neighbourhood level. Not a discouraging word will be heard from #immigrationmatters, of course, since it will support a major plank in this year’s Liberal campaign.

However, Ellerman is among those who think it unwise for governments in Canada, Europe or elsewhere to ignore the populist voices that worry about immigration. To do so, she said, could feed anti-immigration radicalism.

Timely column. Immigration, multiculturalism and diversity have been weaponized in Canada. Any dissent from the corporate/government line is labelled racist,islamophobic etc. Count on the Trudeau Liberals to exploit the tragedy in New Zealand to their poisonous advantage failing to recognize that the toxic identity politics they use for electoral gain is the direct inspiration for the shooter’s murderous rampage.