Smiling mosque massacre shooter makes a white supremacist sign with his hand as he is charged with murder after 49 people lost their lives in New Zealand’s worst terror attack – and man arrives at court ‘armed with knife to stab the accused’

Accused Christchurch massacre gunman Brenton Harrison Tarrant has made a white power gesture from behind a glass window during a brief appearance in court.

Tarrant, 28, originally from Grafton, New South Wales but more recently a resident of Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island, was dressed in a white custody outfit with a black sash around his waist.

Flanked by two much taller armed security officers, Tarrant smiled faintly as he stood behind a small glass barrier which came up just above his eyes.

A second man Daniel John Burrough, 18, has also been charged in relation to the mosque attacks but he did not appear in court.