Israel vs. its Enemies in Europe

Ireland’s Senate recently voted to support organizations, many headed by terrorists , in imposing a boycott on Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. This, while hardly ever uttering a critical word about countries such as China, IranNorth Korea, Russia, Turkey, Mauritania, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, NigeriaSudanor South Sudan. The singling-out of Israel probably tells more about Ireland’s longstanding history of anti-Semitism than about the country it has been targeting, particularly since it ignores that state’s major contributions to world, including in the field of medicine. Take, for example, cancer research.

The national executive director of the Israel Cancer Research Fund, Mark A. Israel, recently explained why a tiny country such as Israel — in which the “rate of cancer deaths for Jews… is among the lowest in the world” — has made so many important strides in the fight against the deadly global disease for which there is not yet a cure.