Evening Photos + Dogs

(1) Winter wonderland (Lapland, Finland) by Christian Schweiger

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(2) Misty autumn forest path (Ukraine) by Oksana Galanzovskaya

(3) Ridge Hill Woods (West Midlands, England) by EncroVision

(4) Sunset (Killbear Provincial Park, Ontario) by Yi Jiang

(5) Tuscany classic view (Italy) by Lorenzo Nadalini

(6) February afternoon (Jämtland, Sweden) by Marja (@marja_koo)

(7) Lundy Canyon with fall colours (California) by Anthony Michael Bonafede (@ab_image)

(8) Lavender farm (New Zealand) by Meghan Maloney (@meghanmaloneyphotography)

(9) Winter sunset (Trondheim, Norway) by Aziz Nasuti (@aziznasuti)

(10) Beech copice (England) by Robert Wolstenholme

(11) Sunset (East Petpeswick, Nova Scotia) by Laura Horne (@scotianlaura)

(12) Autumn (Notting Hill, London, England) by Meandering Macaron (@meanderingmacaron)

(Bonus) Get in loser, we’re going hiking. 💓 by Adventures with Mason (@goldenmase)


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