New Zealand police respond to mosque shooting in Christchurch – reports of 25 to 30 dead, 50 wounded

Shooter video links are now being scrubbed.

Reports – 4 people have been arrested, 3 males, 1 female, car bombs found in stopped vehicles. 


Latest – Massacre at the mosques – gunmen kill multiple people, Christchurch under siege

• Dozens feared killed as at least two gunmen open fire at two central Christchurch mosques

• City in lockdown, with reports of a third shooting scene and a car bomb in Strickland St

• One gunman, believed to be Australian, filmed as he shot victims in the mosque – and wrote a 37-page manifesto declaring his intentions

Reports (revised as info becomes available) of 25 to 30 dead, of 50 wounded, repeat reports only. However if the videos are any indication then they may be accurate. Also reports state two mosques were hit.

Shooter may have been apprehended. Follow this guy on twitter he has loads of info.


Shooter enters mosque

Shooting wounded

CHRISTCHURCH (AFP, REUTERS) – Armed police in New Zealand swarmed central Christchurch on Friday (March 15) amid reports of a shooting at a mosque in the South Island city, and witnesses at a mosque told media of several casualties.

People in centre of the city should stay indoors, police said. Police officials did not immediately comment on whether the incident took place in the mosque or nearby.

There is no official confirmation on casualties.

“Police are currently responding to reports of shots fired in central Christchurch,” the police said in a statement.

Shootings at mosques in Christchurch, multiple dead

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Below is a word doc and pdf of the shooters alleged manifesto

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The Great Replacement