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President Donald Trump: We’re Thinking ‘Very Seriously’ About Designating Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

“Mexico, unfortunately, has lost control of the cartels,” Trump said. “They’ve totally lost control of the cartels. Mexico last year had 42,000 deaths — murders — 42,000. It’s considered one of the most unsafe countries in the world.”

“Now, I’m with them. I really like the new president. He’s a wonderful guy, but you know, 42,000 murders. A lot of it is drug-induced,” Trump continued.

POLL: Only 13% Of Canadians Believe Trudeau’s Story On PMO Scandal

There are more devastating poll numbers for Justin Trudeau.

A Campaign Research poll shows just 13% believe Trudeau’s story on the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Meanwhile, 49% say they believe Jody Wilson-Raybould, 16% believe neither of them, and 22% say they aren’t sure who to believe.

Those are horrendous numbers for the PM, as it shows the total breakdown in trust between him and the Canadian People.

What’s the Problem with ‘Reparations’?

As the issue of reparations for victims of slavery rages within the Democratic party, and on cable news stations, we encounter a common problem: virtually no one is addressing the specifics of how such a reparations effort would be administered. Who would receive these reparations payments? Who would pay them? How would guilt and victimhood be determined? As is usually the case with American policy debates, this “debate” offers little more than an opportunity for pundits and activists to grandstand on related issues such as poverty and race — while avoiding the central topic at hand Support or opposition then becomes nothing more than a matter of affirming one’s political loyalties. The actual issue of reparations — and how they’ll be paid out — is mostly ignored.

‘Children are NOT jihadis!’ Nobel Peace Prize winner DEMANDS ISIS babies return home

Some countries, namely Russia, have repatriated children and placed them with family or foster parents; but Britain, France and Belgium have been more reluctant. “These children are not jihadis,” Mr Satyarthi, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, told AFP in Paris. He said: “If we are not able to give them proper care and proper protection and love and respect and recognition as human beings, then there are more chances that they could be misused and manipulated. It is better to embrace them.”

Why don’t you bring them to India, bruv?

Toronto Reverses Climate Change By 2050—With The Carrot—And The Stick

Full disclosure–I’ve visited Toronto and it’s a beautiful city. We parked our car at the hotel and part of the time got around town using the city’s mass transit system. But when we were crunched for time when meeting folks out for dinner—you guessed it–we used Uber.

With that in mind, NPR imagines the year 2050, the year in which climate change has been conquered, with Toronto leading the way. Some people might find it idyllic; I personally find it more than a little scary. Why? Because with carrot comes a stick.