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Google Manager: ‘Fake News and Hate Speech’ Are ‘How Trump won the Election’

On Monday, Google software engineer Mike Wacker published an email he received from a fellow Google employee. That employee recounted a discussion with his manager in which the manager said Donald Trump won the 2016 election thanks to fake news and hate speech.

“I posted a comment on a meme regarding fake news on Search and someone reported it to HR. I didn’t say I was in favor or against, just cautioned that we need to be carful [sic],” the anonymous employee wrote. “My manager brought it up in our 1:1 last week. Made me feel very uncomfortable for having an opposing view. He said we need to stop hate speatch [sic] and fake news because that’s how Trump won the election…”

Michelle Malkin Will Not Bow Down to the Political Establishment

Michelle Malkin is not apologizing to the fake news media.

Malkin set this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference on fire by taking the Republican establishment to task for their inaction on immigration.

During her speech, Malkin sparked controversy for going after “the ghost of John McCain.”

In a pathetic attempt to extract a political apology from Malkin, Fox News host Jesse Watters asked Malkin if she had any regrets about her McCain statement.

Malkin stood her ground and said, “Of course not. I think if you look at the full context of my remarks and, by the way, you can watch the whole speech in context, 20 minutes, on my website, you will see that what people were cheering.”

Justin Trudeau is an actor, not a prime minister

Justin Trudeau’s “contrition” session with the press turned out to be a nothingburger. He did not apologize. He would only cop to an “erosion of trust” between his guy, Gerald Butts, and Jody Wilson-Raybould, implying that Canadians should be blaming Mr. Erosion, not him. He allowed as how “there is always room for improvement,” the kind of thing one sees written on one’s children’s report card. He has nothing against contrition—in fact, he was on his way up north that very day to express contrition to the Inuit … for the past deeds of other people, that is, something he excels at.

CAIR Calls on FBI to Cease Dissemination of Government Watchlist to Animal Shelters, Private Investigators, Megachurch, Others

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on the FBI to immediately cease providing more than 1,400 private entities, including animal shelters, private investigators and a Midwestern megachurch, access to the terrorist watchlist.

In documents unsealed after a court hearing in Virginia on Friday, CAIR attorneys expressed concern about the wide dissemination of the watchlist. “Defendants [the federal government] share their list with anyone or anything that asks,” CAIR’s attorneys wrote in their legal briefs.

A judge in the case recently ordered the government to let CAIR’s attorneys see the list of private entities that had access to the watchlist, but they were not allowed to take notes or make copies of that list.

Trudeau Taking Canada Down The Road To Authoritarianism

China’s dictatorship, once the apparent favourite of Canada’s prime minister, has become his biggest problem.

When Justin Trudeau first visited China as prime minister, the Chinese lauded him as the “Little Potato” (with his late father Pierre being the big one). The name may be apt. A young potato has no eyes.

Now that a death sentence hangs over a Canadian in China, Trudeau has begun to see the shortcomings of an authoritarian regime. But will he and other Canadians recognize how this country is slipping into the same disturbing approach?