PR “Expert” – Trudeau Should Keep Pushing That Phony Baloney “Jobs For The Middle Class” Malarkey #snclavalin

Expert: PM Trudeau in “almost an impossible situation” in PR efforts regarding SNC-Lavalin

Justin Trudeau has already admitted that the SNC-Lavalin scandal will cost him votes in this year’s federal election.

His PR strategy and how he communicates with voters during the crisis is “almost an impossible situation” according to Melissa Agnes, a crisis management strategist who was a guest on the Sunday evening 6 p.m. newscast.

“When you’re managing a controversial issue, there’s a formula,” she said. “First is understanding the dynamics and getting a clear understanding of the impact and risks and the values of the organization.”

She feels that the Liberals have to stick to one of the hallmarks of their current identity, which is preserving jobs for middle-class Canadians.

I hope Trudeau hires this dingbat. It’s a lie that 9000 jobs will be lost if SNC-Lavalin is denied a spot at the LPC patronage trough. And we all know how much Trudeau cares about the Middle class in Alberta and my what about that swell carbon jizya?