Yes #Lavscam can sink Trudeau

(CNN)”Because it’s 2015 …” Most Canadians will recognize that statement as Justin Trudeau’s simple explanation for the diversity and historic gender balance of his cabinet, sworn in November 2015 after the Liberal Party’s landslide victory in the federal election.

Trudeau’s gender parity move in the cabinet firmly placed the former high school teacher as the country’s feminist prime minister, and on the global stage, Trudeau was a breath of fresh air, fit-for-purpose in the age of selfies, #MeToo, and squeaky clean politics. Many were entranced by his physical appearance, compassionate demeanor and seemingly insatiable appetite for photos with fans: Vanity Fair called him “the shining beacon of liberalism in North America,” and images of world leaders and celebrities appearing to swoon in his presence became the internet meme “Prime Minister Steal-Your-Girl.”