Is Ireland the most anti-Christian country now?

The government is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with crucifixes in hospitals. From John Waters at First Things:

The advocates of this “pluralism” imply that every conceivable outlook in this category is being accorded equal recognition and respect. But the only perspective that is really esteemed and provided for in this new dispensation is that of the disgruntled skeptic, nihilist, or cynic. Those eschewing beliefs on an ideological basis, or those possessing different beliefs of a distinctly un-Irish character, will be allowed to impose their unbeliefs/anti-beliefs/alternative beliefs on Christian believers, who must agree to become the hole in the doughnut. There is an irony in the fact that only those Christians with real beliefs will be affected—lukewarm or Sunday Christians will simply shrug and turn up the TV. In the end, at some of the most vulnerable moments in their lives, Christians will be deprived of the solace offered by the sight of the crucified Christ—and this our Taoiseach describes as “diversity.” …

Rod Liddle, an estimable colleague who writes for The Spectator, not long ago voted Canada “the most batsh*t crazy country in the world.” He was wrong: Ireland takes that crown, as well as the one for unequalled liberal hypocrisy, the one for the most implacable indifference to the consequences of Cultural Marxist insanity, and, above all, for the title Most Anti-Christian Country on Planet Earth. More.

Reality check: Whatever. Ireland only mattered when it was swimming against the tide. Now it will be swallowed up in the Eurocracy and be just another package destination.

See also: Mark Steyn: What Trump’s Accused Of, Trudeau Did. There may still be a chance for Canada if enough people care about stuff like that.