Critics question #SNCLavalin ‘jobs’ defence as minister can’t give evidence

OTTAWA — Protecting at-risk jobs has been at the centre of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government’s defence of its conduct in relation to the still-simmering SNC-Lavalin scandal, but when asked what evidence they have to back that stance, one federal minister was unable to give any.

In an interview on CTV’s Question Period, Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility Minister Carla Qualtrough said that there would “definitely” be jobs in jeopardy, but she couldn’t give “a direct number.”

The 9,000 or so people that SNC-Lavalin employs, other spinoff jobs, pensioners, and investors in Canada have been cited by the Trudeau Liberals repeatedly through the controversy.

There are no Jobs to protect, the real risk is the loss of a significant amount of money the Liberal Party and their partners in crime can’t skim.