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The Many Things that Democrats want to Ban (March 2019 update)

Once the Democrats took control of Congress, they began their usual nonsense with a renewed fury that I have never seen before. Part of this was all sorts of efforts to ban things. They really out-did themselves. I had a hard time keeping up with their latest efforts on banning things, raising taxes, and trying to undo everything that Trump tried to do. Here is the updated on-going list. It is almost double the size of the original posting last year. Enjoy or cry.

This is a compilation of the many, many things that American Democrats (often radical totalitarian communists wearing the mantle of “progressive liberals”) want to ban. This is a running tabulated list that originated from an earlier post about busybodies. There, I argued that Social Justice Warriors (SJW) was just another name for a busybody.


Martha Stewart switches cherry pie for pot as she enters the booming cannabis business

She is 77 years old and best known for dispensing advice on such vital matters as how to tidy up a linen closet or make the perfect cheesy vegetable frittata.

Now Martha Stewart is branching out into the marijuana business, as America’s most celebrated domestic goddess teams up with a Canadian cannabis business, Canopy Growth Corporation.

Canada Is Spending $300K On Research Into Far-Right Extremism

The government of Canada will provide funding for a research team seeking to learn more about Canadian far-right extremism.

In a press release on Wednesday, Public Safety Canada announced it give researchers at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology $366,985 over three years to study the movement. The research will be led by Dr. Barbara Perry with Ryan Scrivens of Michigan State University and David Hoffman of the University of New Brunswick. For years, the three have been leading the way in researching the far-right in Canada.

Progressivism and the West

I was wrong.

For a long time, I considered the loose collection of ideas and assumptions I will call “progressivism” to be a regrettable but mostly tolerable side effect of affluence. This quasi-ideology—espoused by prominent progressives from the academy and Vox to Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren—holds that, inter alia: (1) All demographic groups are roughly equal on all socially valued traits; (2) racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry are ubiquitous; (3) almost all demographic disparities are caused by unfair discrimination; (4) diversity is an unalloyed good; and (5) there are many bigots who stand in the way of social progress, but eventually history will redeem the noble and we will inhabit a just society.

Justin Trudeau is in a political pickle, but it’s not the first time

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in a political pickle. Trudeau and his team are accused of pressuring Canada’s first Indigenous attorney-general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to make a deal with a Quebec-based engineering firm, and of demoting her when she refused.

The firm, SNC-Lavalin, was accused of paying bribes to get Libyan government contracts. The deal would have allowed the firm to avoid criminal conviction. If convicted, the firm would have been banned from receiving federal contracts for a decade.

SNC-Lavalin employs thousands in Quebec, Trudeau’s home province, and Wilson-Raybould said Trudeau worried about people losing those jobs.