British journo defends Muslim parents protesting sex ed

They don’t want the gay/trans sex curriculum stuff aimed at their tots. From Brendan O’Neill at Spiked:

Liberal and left-leaning observers have found themselves doing something they never normally do: criticising Muslims. Specifically Muslim parents in Birmingham who have successfully pressured the local primary school to stop teaching their kids about homosexuality and transgenderism. Apparently it is outrageous for parents to exercise moral authority over their very young children and instead they should trust the state to impart the correct moral wisdom to their offspring.

Yes, Brendan, that is an article of faith with progressives. You raise them for the authoritarian Left and then mind your own business what happens.

On Friday, 600 Muslim children aged between four and 11 were withdrawn from school for the day in protest. The school has reportedly given in to the parents and says it will no longer make it mandatory for all pupils to engage in discussions on homophobia. More.

Reality check: Isn’t the real story that most Brits wouldn’t get their lardbutts down to the school to protest progressive indoctrination even if the school were promoting Kill Yourself to Protest Climate Change? I gather that many readers here object to Muslims running the place. But what if they’re the only ones sober?

Note:  The anti-Semitism is  awful but it’s not entirely clear that Jewish people care about that, as long as it is coming from leftists or their favoured identity groups. At least the Muslims care about their own kids. In a typical Woke environment, that might be becoming a rarity.

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