What Brits are hearing about Trudeau is not flattering to His Self

From Spencer Fernando at Independent:

When the story of Jody Wilson-Raybould being pressured to change her mind first broke in the Globe & Mail, Justin Trudeau said it was “false.” Then, when Wilson-Raybould testified (and Trudeau is still using his authority to block her from sharing the full story), Trudeau said he “disagreed” with her testimony, even after he admitted he hadn’t reviewed all of it.

Then today, in his press conference, he basically confirmed everything she said, but tried to dismiss it by saying the events were “experienced differently”.

To get a sense of how shady that looks, imagine if Donald Trump held a press conference admitting to directly colluding with Russia in the 2016 US election, but then said it wasn’t actually a problem because he simply “experienced” the concept of “collusion” differently than other people. More.

Reality check: But come on now, Trudeau has way cooler cufflinks than Andrew Scheer, don’t you just know it?

See also: Trudeau fearmongering about fake news Huh? If Trudeau quit contributing to the public discussion, there would be a lot less fake news out there, pronto. No other fixes needed.