Tommy Robinson’s vid Panodrama is still up at YouTube

But there is pressure to remove it.

From Bruce Bawer:

Last year, he was banned from Twitter. He was also dropped by PayPal. On Tuesday of last week, the very day after he posted on Facebook his new documentary Panodrama, which he himself correctly described as “the most professional exposé on the BBC this country has ever seen,” Facebook and Instagram removed him. His Facebook page had reportedly been the most actively viewed in Britain. …

Clearly, the immediate cause of his removal from Facebook was that he had pulled back the curtain on the chicanery of the mainstream media. In Panodrama, as I described at length the other day, he caught BBC host John Sweeney on hidden camera telling a former colleague of Tommy’s what he wanted her to say in an interview with him for a TV program with the working title “Tommy Takedown.” In the old days, that would have been considered a massive breach of journalistic ethics. This wasn’t the only revelation made in Panodrama. The whole thing amounted to a veritable catalogue of reportorial no-nos. One fact emerged with absolute clarity: Sweeney wasn’t after the facts. He was out to produce yet another piece of dishonest anti-Tommy propaganda. …

The day after the Facebook ban, Amazon – from which, as Tommy points out, you can buy Mein Kampf – stopped selling Tommy’s book Muhammed’s Koran. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Amazon banning anybody’s book. Is this just the beginning? If so, who’s next? Keep in mind that for many writers nowadays who pen books critical of Islam, self-publishing via Amazon is the only way to get your work out there. More.

Reality check: I’ve learned from other sources that Muhammed’s Koran is also banned on E-Bay. Do you hear many writers’ anti-censorship groups squawking about it? A lot has changed in a few years.

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