Lawrence Solomon: How robots will end mass-immigration policies and make workers happier

U.S. robot use, up by a whopping 16 per cent last year, is at record highs; U.S. unemployment, meanwhile, is at 50-year lows with people abandoning welfare for work. American wages are rising too. And all of this is happening largely for the same reason. President Donald Trump’s tariffs, opposition to multilateral trade and immigration policies have tightened labour markets, letting workers bid up wages while spurring industry to find alternatives to the low-cost migrant labour it has relied upon in decades past.

The end of the mass immigration Ponzi scheme? That’s a pleasant thought but in Canada mass immigration is the heroin of our political class. Our politics reflect the weaponization of multiculturalism and greed. In order to buy the votes assured by local ethnic strongmen and appease the business poobahs our politicians will support any scam to swamp our borders. FYI – You will be called a racist by your government for having read this.