Jewish Obstinacy in the Age of Omar

Let’s be crystal-clear about this right up front: I am both Jewish and conservative. I vote Republican most of the time because Republican candidates usually support the conservative positions and ideals that I favor.

As can be expected, my conservative leanings have put me at odds with the vast majority of my family and childhood friends. The public-school district in my Connecticut town was 80% Jewish, so almost all my school friends from elementary school right through my high school graduation in 1972 were Jewish. Because of various annual reunions and other activities and organizations, I am still in close, frequent contact with several of my Jewish public-school friends today. Even the college I went to — Boston University, BU for short — was nicknamed “Be Jew,” because of its high concentration of Jewish students, its student body fed from many upper-middle-class NY and NE suburbs with large Jewish populations.

So you can see my upbringing was among the “automatically Democratic/liberal” mindset that dominated Jewish households in the 1960s and 1970s.