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We Must Excuse the Muslim Ilhan Omar Because She Comes from a Different Culture That Has Different Feelings About Jews and Tolerance Than We Do

Does this mean it’s acceptable to note that some of our recent arrivals from Muslim lands hold beliefs incompatible with the mainline of American pluralist thought, or does it mean only that one is permitted to note this if one is excusing a Muslim immigrant’s antisemitism?

That is: Is this always true or only true when defending antisemtism in Muslims or other Democrat client groups?

Why is Trump a racist for pointing out what turns out to be mainstream Democrat thought?

Conservative Attacked On Berkeley Campus: Here’s What Really Triggered The Assault

In an op-ed for USA Today published Wednesday, Hayden Williams, a conservative activist assaulted on the University of California-Berkeley campus two weeks ago, explains what triggered the attack and offers his perspective on why the suspect felt compelled to resort to violence against him.

“Students are commonly told now that words are literally violent and can be responded to with physical force,” Williams writes. “I don’t mean verbal threats of violence or efforts to intimidate, I mean words that express ideas that the listener finds offensive or disagrees with.”

Canadian government will stop paying for homeopaths to go to Honduras

A Quebec-based aid group offering controversial homeopathic therapies in Honduras will not receive funding from the federal government after the 2019-20 fiscal year, Global Affairs Canada said Wednesday.

Recent CBC News stories drew attention to concerns among doctors and academics about Ottawa pledging aid money to Terre Sans Frontières (TSF) to dispatch more than a dozen volunteer homeopaths to Honduras over five years.

Physicians have told CBC News there’s no evidence that homeopathy is anything more than water and that it’s no better than a placebo for treating dangerous tropical infections.

Leftism, Islam, anti-Semitism, and the Jews

One of the fascinating things about the world in which we live is the alliance between Leftists and Muslims. At first glance, it seems as if they have nothing in common. Leftists tout women’s rights; Muslims tout women’s burqas. Leftists tout LGBTQ rights; Muslims tout homosexual hangings. Leftists purport to hate slavery; Muslims have slavery as a core doctrine. Leftists hate rape; Muslims have rape as another core doctrine.

DISGRACE: 40,000 Canadian Veterans Are Still Waiting For Their Disability Benefits

With the Trudeau government consumed in scandal, their failures are adding up behind the scenes.

In the 2015 campaign, Trudeau made big promises regarding Veterans, saying he would fix the many broken aspects of Veterans Affairs and help Canada’s heroes get the help they need.

It hasn’t happened.

In fact, things are getting worse.