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Lesbian Feminist: Trans Is a ‘Misogynistic Trojan Horse’

On Thursday, lesbian feminist Julia Beck testified before Congress against the gender identity provisions in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Meant to protect transgender people, these provisions actually act as a “misogynistic trojan horse,” undermining key protections for women and girls, Beck argued.

“The first piece of U.S. legislation to even acknowledge the epidemic of violence against women is now a misogynistic Trojan Horse,” the lesbian feminist declared. She argued that “all women and girls are oppressed on the basis of our female sex,” not their gender identity.

Quebec City police hit with ethics complaint for using Chuck Norris photo

Quebec City police are being accused of threatening G7 summit protesters with a photo of movie star and internet sensation Chuck Norris.

Montreal political science professor Francis Dupuis-Deri lodged an ethics complaint against nine officers Wednesday for actions he says he witnessed during protests in Quebec City last summer during the G7 summit.

New law lets Russia jail people who ‘disrespect’ the government online

Russia’s parliament has advanced strict new internet laws allowing the authorities to jail or fine those who spread fake news or disrespect government officials online.

Under the proposed laws, which still await final passage and presidential signature, people found guilty of spreading “indecent” posts that demonstrate “disrespect for society, the state, (and) state symbols of the Russian Federation,” as well as government officials such as President Vladimir Putin, can face up to 15 days in administrative detention for some offenses.

Social media reacts to latest Trudeau press conference disaster

Here is how Canadian social media reacted to that 30-minute press conference.

Jason Lietaer found that the Liberal Caucus should sue for malpractice.

National Post columnist Andrew Coyne interestingly pointed out that Trudeau is not denying the claim, and in fact is now trying to normalize it.

Extinction Rebellion Announce Festival To Train Climate Activists

The first ever British festival of rebellion, activism and music will take place next weekend (15-16 March) in Bristol, aimed at training mass groups people in peaceful nonviolent civil disobedience and disruption to help bring about action on climate change at every level.

Over the last year the grassroots group, Extinction Rebellion, has disrupted events and traffic, blocked bridges and organised hundreds of local protests to highlight that now is the time to act to head off our own extinction. It has revitalised our strong history of protesting, put it back in the hands of locally organised groups and kept the fight to stop climate change in the headlines.