Would you know if a robot was writing the news? How?

Coloured robot design Free Vector Given the way so much news reads now, would it even matter?

Some researchers have recently claimed that they are frightened to release a new AI writing tool they have developed because it’s just so good. That’s probably malarkey, say insiders, but here’s something worth knowing,

he flurry around OpenAI belies the fact that AI has already been used a good deal in the last decade to automate formula news in business and sports. … The templates for such stories are generally built by journalists who develop fixed overall structures, often repeated. They build in a formula for expected surprise elements like sudden deviations in performance or share price, mimicking an expected writing style. Low-paid journalists in the Philippines have been used to produce copy for American news media, a model that combines easily with AI templates to reduce costs. More.

Reality Check: Can robots really write the news? If all you want is performance at the level of the current media’s Covington debacle without all the sound, fury, and litigation, yes. AI will be faster and cheaper. And that’s all it will be. If you want insight, of course not.

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