Why aren’t the radical Greens considered racist?

From Phelim McAleer at Townhall:

We shouldn’t be surprised that leftists such as Ocasio-Cortez are triumphant that they have prevented people from securing jobs. They have been destroying the hopes and dreams of people in the developing world for decades under the guise of environmentalism. I have seen villages and towns crying out for mines or fossil fuel exploitation and the prosperity it brings. But they are often left with nothing after they were “saved” by Ocasio-Cortez styled foreign environmentalists.

They really are classic imperialists. They come from countries made rich by resource exploitation to tell mostly brown and black people that they are not allowed to use their natural resources in the same way. More.

Reality check: It’s fair to say, however, that they would deprive us all of modern lifestyles if they could. And maybe they can. But what’s curious is how they entirely control what’s considered “racist” and don’t need to make sense.

See also: Study that says prejudice makes gay people die younger is retracted. Funny it even got past peer review. It almost amounts to saying that the evil eye really exists and is more important than physical factors.