Trudeau admits ‘erosion of trust’ between PMO, ex-AG #SNClavalin #LavScam

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there was an “erosion of trust” between his office and former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould over the SNC-Lavalin case.

Trudeau’s government has been reeling for the past month since allegations surfaced that Wilson-Raybould was improperly pressured to stop a criminal prosecution of the engineering giant and was later shuffled out of the justice portfolio.

This was not an apology, it was a lie.

Justin lied about “Jobs Jobs Jobs”.

He lied about Jody Wilson-Raybould not making her concerns known.

He lied about SNC-Lavalin leaving.

He lied that the Liberal Party’s election chances in Quebec was not the single biggest motivator behind his government’s persistent campaign of judicial interference.

He lied when he dully stated that no interference had taken place.

He lied to all of Canada.