The academic study of stupidity has turned up some interesting findings

It turns out that there is academic research on stupidity, including one team of researchers that sought a common definition based on having a group rate apparently stupid actions. As neurosurgeon and commentator Michael Egnor tells us, quite a few savants have rushed in fearlessly:

According to Pomeroy, readers will be glad to learn, stupidity knows no class: “Since humans take countless actions that scythe across disciplines and scenarios, anyone – educated or not, wealthy or poor, politician or voter – can be stupid at one time or another. Although, it must be said, some tend to be stupid more often than others.” … Ross Pomeroy is sure he knows the answer to the problem:
I believe that education can root out stupidity like a garden weed. The answer is not to merely teach facts, as is still all too common, but to teach people how to attain facts and how to discern a good source of information from a bad one. One must also learn to nurture a healthy degree of self-doubt. Ross PomeroyWhat is Stupidity?” at Real Clear Science
And this is to be achieved how? According to Pomeroy, “Essentially, the antidote to stupidity is a scientific way of thinking.”  More.

Reality check: Oh dear. Not this again. See also: Why people don’t “trust science”: The “Cancer Personality”