Justin Trudeau lies about Gerald Butts’s lies – livestream press conference #snclavalin #lavscam

Twitter – #Lavscam and #SNCLavalin

Trudeau to address SNC-Lavalin case — admitting to mistakes but no illegal behaviour

Trudeau is apologizing because they got caught. This is a government allegedly run by adults not some kid who lifted a candy bar from the local smoke shop. They are not fit to govern.

Despite protests from top Trudeau aide, Wilson-Raybould was right — SNC-Lavalin is about politics, not jobs

A good piece outlying the fantasy numbers and “facts” thrown around by the Liberal government to justify political interference in the judicial process to benefit LPC Quebec Fortunes

9000- Jobs – a figure pulled from thin air – no facts to support that number

SNC-Lavalin bugging out to a more graft friendly jurisdiction? A prior loan from Quebec guaranteed they’d stay till 2024

“And why does all this matter if it was about jobs that were or were not threatened?

Because once we all agree that there is no threat to “9,000 jobs,” it becomes clear that Liberal politicians in Quebec City and in Ottawa were really worried about the fading of a star in the firmament of what some call “Quebec Inc.” and no politician looking for support on the island of Montreal can have that.”