Study that says prejudice makes gay people die younger is retracted

From James Lopez at The Federalist:

In 2014, a team led by Columbia University Associate Professor Mark Hatzenbuehler published a groundbreaking study claiming to show that “structural stigma,” which the authors define as “communities with high levels of anti-gay prejudice,” increases the likelihood of a premature death among LGBT people. The study has now been retracted.

The researchers claimed that sexual minorities living in communities with high levels of prejudice, on average, live 12 years shorter than those living in accepting communities. The study, “Structural stigma and all-cause mortality in sexual minority populations” was re-analyzed by the original authors after renowned sociologist from the University of Texas at Austin, Mark Regnerus, published an article in the same academic journal showing that the study’s main findings failed to replicate after using ten different approaches. Regnerus’s findings proved right, and the journal Social Science & Medicine retracted the original paper. More.

Reality check: Bet you didn’t hear that from Litterbox Liner News. Regnerus is lucky he still has a job, actually, the way he goes after shoddy but politically correct stuff.

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