No escape from Robocall Hell

From Dell Cameron at Gizmodo:

The caller-ID company Hiya, which analyzes 12-some-odd billion phone calls per month, reports today that robocalls globally grew 325 percent in 2018. That’s 85 billion spam calls flagged by the company in the last year alone. Around 26.3 billion of those were in the U.S., a 46 percent increase from the year before. This aligns with another study cited this month by the FCC, which says that roughly half of all calls made to cellphones in the U.S. this year will be spam. … In a recent interview in Spain, highlighted today by Forbes, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai noted that robocalls are the number one complaint received by the agency. “We really beefed up our enforcement efforts,” he said. “The largest fines in the FCC’s 85-year history have been imposed on robocallers who have been bombarding American consumers with these scam calls.” The figure cited by the chairman was $200 million in fines last year alone—$120 million of which landed on a single slithering ghoul who alone orchestrated over 97 million robocalls in three months.More.

Reality check: Almost all the calls I get on my landline are spam or fundraising, which is why I no longer answer the phone if I don’t know who is calling. Funny, the governments that want to police the internet can’t do anything about a fairly straightforward nuisance like this.

I’m told this worked in the private sector:

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