Behind Trudeau’s fearmongering about fake news

From Grant A. Brown at C2C Journal:

Katie Telford [Trudeau’s Chief of Staff] is married to Rob Silver. Rob Silver, in addition the being a regular panelist on CBC’s Power & Politics program, is a partner at Crestview Strategies. Crestview Strategies specializes in “mobilization campaigns,” which involve the manipulation of public opinion through the mobilization of activists and opinion-mongers. One wonders on how many stories the PMO had successfully employed Telford’s news-doctoring strategy in the past? And on which issues?

This casts into a new light the Liberal government’s plan to promote a tier of “respectable” – meaning Liberal-friendly – journalist outlets through government subsidies to the tune of $595 million. Why go to all the trouble of mobilizing a horde of op-ed writers whenever you want to promote a Liberal initiative, when you can own the “open media arena” outright?

This also casts into a new light the Liberal government’s plan to monitor social media for fake news during this year’s election campaign. It’s not fake news that Wernick and the PMO are concerned about; they seem to be the most dangerous source of it. What concerns them is real news that hurts the Liberal brand… More.

Reality check: First off, anyone who depends on mono-media outfits that were big forty years ago is just not going to know what’s going on. Those outfits are too big a part of the story to understand it and simply no longer have the values that would help them understand it. They probably don’t even want to. Travelling in Twitter mobs, making false accusations, and – in the States -getting sued for it is more their style. Once they’re on the government payroll here, you won’t be able to trust any op-ed you could not read at a respectable blog somewhere instead.

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