Trudeau’s Dial an Op Ed Writer program

From Graeme Gordon at The Post Millennial:

One of the most revelatory bombshells from former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s candid and damaging testimony was when she alleged that the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Katie Telford offered to get the minister positive press if she were to follow the Trudeau government’s wishes. …

Telford’s alleged statement rankled many in the mainstream media. The Toronto Star’s public editor Kathy English was indignant in a column where she said it is “disturbing and laughable” that Trudeau’s chief of staff allegedly suggested newspapers like the Toronto Star have what English inferred as a “passive process of publishing to appease special interests.”

Unless English thinks Wilson-Raybould is lying (she doesn’t say as much in her column), Trudeau’s chief of staff believes—with three years on the job and plenty of past experience as a political operative under her belt—the PMO can indeed get a slew of pro-Trudeau government op-eds published in a variety of publications. More.

Reality check: Of course he can. The media bailout package pays for it, no?  The critical question is, does anyone read these litterbox liners any more? Will it make as much difference as some fear?

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