“Justin Trudeau looks like the un-smart, un-serious man that so many of his political opponents have always insisted he is.”

Justin Trudeau, my how you’ve changed

Imagine you’re Justin Trudeau.

The SNC-Lavalin scandal has been battering your government for weeks. Your story keeps shifting. The usually docile media aren’t letting it rest. Even a thousand coordinated tweets about the positive impact of the Canada Child Benefit can’t change the channel.

On the contrary, l’affair SNC—now christened LavScam—is picking up steam.

You’ve been forced to accept the resignation of your good friend and top advisor, Gerry Butts, who showed himself the door despite doing absolutely nothing wrong on SNC. Your boy Buttsy jumped on the SNC grenade to spare others the damage.

My how the worm has turned…  the other worms.

Here’s another member of the chattering class professing profound shock that Trudeau has turned out to be every bit the fraudulent imbecile the great unwashed knew him to be at 1st sight.

How do folks with such gifted insight get to have a column in the MSM?

Maybe Katie Telford can answer that.

Otherwise it’s not a bad piece, save for the Butts kissing and the barely contained hope that just maybe Justin can turn this around.