Emotional support pit bull mauls child

From Aimee Green at the Oregonian:

The mother of a 5-year-old girl mauled in the face by a pit bull at Portland International Airport has filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against the Port of Portland for allegedly letting a dangerous “emotional support animal” into the airport without a carrier.

The lawsuit lists two other defendants: the dog’s owner, Michelle Brannan, and Alaska Airlines. The suit claims Brannan should have known that her dog had “vicious propensities.” The suit says the airline is at fault for allegedly allowing Brannan to bring a dangerous dog into the gate waiting area, where the attack happened, when the dog wasn’t a trained service animal and wasn’t properly confined. … Stavley said Brannan was carrying what looked like a form letter from her therapist, saying her animal was an emotional support animal.More.

Reality check: But in a world increasingly run by toxic snowflakes why should a child matter compared to someone who needs an “emotional support” pit bull? Note: There is a graphic picture of the child’s injuries in the article.

Then there’s the emotional support alligator and the emotional support pig. And what’s the matter with emotional support scorpions?

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