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Barefoot Contessa’s Oven Roasted Bacon

Northam’s Wife Handed Out Cotton To Black Students As Lesson On Slavery

Pam Northam, wife of Gov. Ralph Northam (D), stirred up an outcry when, in a ham-handed attempt to convey the hardships slaves endured, she handed out raw cotton to students—including African Americans—and asked them to imagine picking it all day in the fields.

According to a Wednesday Washington Post report, the eighth-grade daughter of Leah Dozier Walker, an official at the state Education Department, was in attendance and expressed her distress to her mother.

War Memorial Crosses in Atheist Crosshairs

Militant atheists have long attacked memorial crosses over supposed First Amendment violations. From the Mt. Soledad cross near San Diego several years ago to the case heard by the Supreme Court Wednesday regarding Maryland’s Bladensburg cross, these memorials to Patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend this great nation are unacceptable to a certain litigious contingent.

Democrats In California Seek To Ban Animal Dissections In High School

Having apparently solved all other problems, California’s state legislature is now considering new legislation that would ban all dissections in high school science classes. What they hope to accomplish by doing this is a mystery, but for any budding young scientists out there, it represents the loss of a chance to learn about anatomy in a hands-on environment. But hey… this is California we’re talking about, so it probably doesn’t have to make much sense. The proposed bill was introduced by state assembly member Ash Kalra.

Canada joins NASA-led moon mission, dubbed ‘Lunar Gateway’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that Canada will be “going to the moon” as a partner in a NASA-led project.

NASA is embarking on the creation of its new Lunar Gateway, a space station it plans to send into orbit around the moon starting in 2022.

The plan calls for a sustainable lunar architecture that would allow people and equipment to go back and forth to the moon regularly, NASA says.

I hope Little Potato got permission from the Muslims. It’s their moon, you know.

Transgender teen can proceed with hormone treatment despite father’s objections, B.C. court rules

A 14-year-old transgender boy has the capacity to consent to his own medical treatments and should be allowed to proceed with hormone injections to help transition from a female to a male body without delay, a B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled.

The teenager, who can be identified only as “A.B.,” has been at the centre of a complicated legal fight that raised questions about parental rights and child autonomy. His parents are separated and have joint custody.