The Trudeau brand takes a hit after Jody Wilson-Raybould testimony

We now know why the prime minister, the finance minister, their most senior aides and the country’s top bureaucrat put so much pressure on Jody Wilson-Raybould last fall to intervene in a criminal court case on behalf of a Montreal company.

It was the votes — votes the Liberals in Quebec City and the Liberals in Ottawa thought they were sure to lose if that company, SNC-Lavalin, decamped from its Montreal headquarters for foreign shores, a move it was threatening to make to avoid punishment, should it be found guilty of the corporate fraud it is alleged to have committed in Libya.

“SNC announcing they’re leaving six months before the election is bad,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s senior adviser Mathieu Bouchard allegedly said to Wilson-Raybould as he was pressuring her to intervene. “We need to be re-elected.”

The Trudeau “Brand” was never more than snake-oil. That our media and far too many voters believed in this fraud is as troubling as the SNC-Lavalin “revelations.” What’s even more scandalous than SNC? It remains possible Trudeau may hold on to power come October.