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Pediatrician mom warns parents after finding ‘scary’ content on YouTube Kids

It was last summer when another physician and mother alerted Ocala, Florida, pediatrician Dr. Free N. Hess, D.O., the founder of the child safety website PediMom, about a chilling clip she accidentally spotted on YouTube Kids.

While sitting with her child and nursing his nosebleed, the mom was shocked when the “Splatoon” cartoon he was watching was interrupted. For eight seconds, the doctored video proceeded to show the image of an adult man who walked on screen and addressed “kids,” then graphically described ways they could slit their wrists. The man then walked away and the cartoon resumed. ( has reviewed the video in question. It is graphic and disturbing. We are not linking to it because we do not want to promote the content.)

Mandatory Indigenous lit class expanding to more schools

Ottawa’s English public school board has introduced a mandatory Grade 11 English course with an all-Indigenous reading list, and it’s expanding to classrooms across the city.

The class was inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, which seeks to undo the damage caused by the country’s residential school system.

Michelle Malkin: I’ve Been Silicon Valley Sharia’d By Tech Totalitarians

Last week, the little birdies in Twitter’s legal department notified me that one of my tweets from 2015 is “in violation of Pakistan law.” It seems like ancient history, but Islamic supremacists never forget—or forgive.

My innocuous tweet featured a compilation image of the 12 Muhammad cartoons published by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Postenin 2005. It also linked to my Jan. 8, 2015, syndicated column on the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre in Paris. There’s no hate, violence, profanity or pornography, just harmless drawings and peacefully expressed opinions about the Western media’s futile attempts to appease the unappeasable enforcers of sharia law, which bans all insults of Islam.

Denmark to focus on repatriation instead of integration under new law

The Danish Parliament Folketinget recently voted through a legislative package that is said to be a “paradigm shift” for Danish migration policy.

The migration policy now being introduced represents a whole new way of looking at migration.

In the future, the focus will be on sending migrants back to the third world – instead of “integrating” them.

Rita Koutsodimos: With basic income, B.C. has the chance to pick up where Ontario left off

The cancellation of Ontario’s basic income pilot project was a major disappointment for the low-income participants who were counting on three years of secure income and for those who were counting on the research data evaluating the program’s success.

It was a bold experiment, where people with low incomes in five communities received monthly payments of $1,416 as individuals or $2,000 as couples. The researchers would measure whether those funds would improve the recipients’ overall health and mental wellness, as well as housing stability, education and training, employment and use of healthcare services.