Fears Of Mafia Cement Shortages Overblown Should SNC-Lavalin End Up Barred From Government Contracts

From bridge design to whale toxins: SNC-Lavalin’s vast, extensive federal contracts

OTTAWA – From studies on northern transportation systems, to helping protect whales from toxins, to window washing – SNC-Lavalin has extensive federal ties amounting to tens of millions of dollars in contracts, big and small.

The Montreal-based engineering and construction firm could see its revenue stream from federal contracts dry up if it’s convicted on corruption charges and subsequently ruled ineligible to receive federal work – a possibility under the government’s integrity regime.

Engineering firm or crime syndicate? Forget about it Jake. It’s Quebec.

Naked dancers, porn movies and many, many, many prostitutes. SNC-Lavalin and security firm Garda World allegedly participated in unorthodox purchases to spoil the libidinous son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi during his stay in Canada in 2008.