Chinese Catholic Cardinal Mourns the Vatican’s agreement with Beijing

From Terry Jeffrey at Townhall:

“To us, a terrifying scenario is unfolding, the sellout of our church!” Zen said then. “There is no essential freedom but the semblance of freedom. Not reconstituted unity, but forced cohabitation in the cage. From the point of view of the faith, we cannot see any gain.”

“Aren’t the gentlemen in the Vatican saying that the purpose of an agreement is to favor the evangelization of the great nation?” said Zen. “Let them remember that Communist power is not eternal! If today they go along with the regime, tomorrow the church will not be welcome for the rebuilding of the new China.”

And Pope Francis will never be remembered — as St. John Paul II shall always be — as a pope who brought freedom to millions by speaking truth to power. More.

Reality check: It’s far from clear that today’s Vatican is interested in evangelization in the way that Pope St. JPII was. Converts have often suffered a lot and tend to expect higher standards than the Vaticanistas plan to live by. A church in fashionable decline would better meet their needs.

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