Planned Parenthood opposes bill to stop infanticide

From Steven Ertelt at Life News:

The Senate plans to vote on Monday on legislation that would stop infanticide and require appropriate medical care and treatment for babies who are born alive after a failed abortion. The nation’s biggest abortion business sent a letter to members of the Senate indicating it opposes the bill. … The letter calls the born-alive legislation “another restriction on women’s access to reproductive health care” and says it would limit women’s access to “compassionate and appropriate medical care.”More.

Reality check: Do readers remember when it was impolite to suggest that these abortion groups would ever be okay with infanticide? Euthanasia will probably go the same way. It will be impolite to suggest in 2023 what will be standard operating procedure in 2033, at which point it will be career-limiting and possibly illegal to protest (because protest upsets people). Except we will be “the fetuses” then.

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